When2Go - Concessions and Restrooms

Smart Phone Application That Tells You When To Go.

Have you ever been to a sporting event and had to use the restroom or have to run and grab a snack to only find yourself caught up in a big line at either place. This causes you to miss an important part of the game or event. Now with this new Smart Phon application called When2Go, the science of predicting when to go to either place will be brought right to you. The concept for this application is to help users gather information on the fly and allow them to make decisions on when is the appropriate time to go.

Coming Soon To The App Store Preview Demo

How It Works?

The process on how When2Go will work is very easy and yet revolutionary. Your Smart Phone will use GPS navigation or user input to gather the users current location. The application will then connect to a database that will be gathering information from sensors that would be installed at the stand that will pick up how many people are there, the average wait time, and so on. The application will then gather that information and display it.


  • GPS Tracking
  • 1000 Pre-Defined Venues
  • Clean Interface
  • Up To The Minute Information
  • Easy Download And Installation


  • Android
  • Apple IPad
  • Apple IPod Touch
  • Apple IPhone
  • Blackberry